13/08/2019 17:33

AnttiKorppi Student House is fully booked until the end of the year 2019

You can apply for a room for the year 2020 from the following link.   Asking for possible cancelations is adviced.
24/07/2019 00:07

Reservations for year 2020

Because of high demand for housing at AnttiKorppi Student House, we recommend you to make reservations as early as possible.   Please fill out the application form (LINK)   Thank you   Director of Housing
03/07/2019 22:13

Do you have broken down TV sets, coffeemakers, microwave ovens?

TV sets Coffeemakers Microwave ovens   If you do, please write "BROKEN" on a paper, and afterwards tape / stick the paper on the broken TV sets / coffeemaker / microwave oven. Afterwards fill out the  maintainance  form (LINK).   The Director of Housing will...
26/06/2019 16:25

Out with the old, In with the new

After 18 years of managing AnttiKorppi Student House, Ms. Leena Rautavaara retired 30.6.2019.  Mr. Ari Rautavaara will continue as the new Director of Housing at AnttiKorppi Student House.   Thank you   Director of Housing

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